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Frequently Asked Questions
Who can join a Learning PhotoWalk?

Anyone, the walks are for all levels of experience. If you are 18, or younger you must have an adult present.

Is there a lot of hiking? What fitness level do I need to be at?

No, there is not a lot of hiking. Most of our walks would be considered “easy”, however, we do walk for about an hour and half stopping frequently to take pictures. I would recommend contacting Sheila if you have concerns.

What kind of camera do I need? Can I use my cell phone?

The best camera is the one you have! These walks are not technical they are all about developing your photographers eye or learning to see like a photographer. If you have technical questions or want to learn about your camera settings Sheila offers one on one classes. 

So, if your cell phone is all you have right now or you are learning to create images with it, YES use your cell phone.


How/where do I share my images?

We would love for you to share your images. You can upload them to our Facebook group or Meetup group. If you don’t know how to upload your images reach out to Sheila and she will help you. 

Meetup or Facebook? What is the difference? Do I need to join both groups?

There is no difference. The Facebook group was created first. The Meetup group was created to reach a wider audience. So you can join both groups if you want to or you can join one or the other. The same Events and information is shared in both.


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