Virtual Challenges


Challenge Description: The challenge is to take a photo that demonstrates the current virtual composition technique. 

Challenge Rules:

  1. The photo must follow the current composition technique.
  2. The subject of the photo can be anything that interests you, such as a landscape, architecture, or people.
  3. The photo can be taken with any type of camera, including smartphones.
  4. All submissions must be original and taken by the participant.
  5. Participants must share their photo on social media (Facebook, Meetup, Instagram or email to me at using the hashtag #RuleOfThirdsChallenge and tag the host (@inspiringphotogs360) account.
  6. The challenge will run for one week, and images will be reviewed the following week.
  7. Images should be based on creativity, composition, and overall impact.

Challenge Prizes: The top winner will receive a shoutout on the host account and their photo will be featured on the host account’s social media pages.

This virtual challenge is a fun way to practice and improve your photography skills. Good luck and have fun

Topics for each month are as follows:

May – “MY YARD”




September – “HARVEST”

October – “AUTUMN”

November – “PREPARING for WINTER”

December – “TRADITIONS”