Minimalism vs Negative Space

So in the last challenge you were asked to create images with a minimalist composition. Did you nail it? This week the challenge is to create a comparison.

Here are some ideas to visually demonstrate the concepts of minimalism and negative space photography:


  1. Single Subject Isolation: Choose a single, distinct subject and place it against a plain background. For example, a single flower against a white wall, a lone tree in an open field, or a single chair in an empty room. This emphasizes the clean lines and simplicity of the subject.
  2. Symmetry and Reflection: Capture symmetrical scenes, such as a reflection in a calm lake or a building’s facade with perfectly balanced elements. Symmetry in photography often evokes a sense of order and minimalistic aesthetics.
  3. Single Color Palette: Photograph a scene where most elements are of the same color, creating a unified and minimalist composition. This could be a shot of a deserted beach with blue skies and water, or a field of green grass under a clear sky.

Photographers using Minimalism

List of possible outdoor shoots

Negative Space:

  1. Sky and Landscape: Frame a landscape with a significant portion of the image dedicated to the sky. The landscape becomes the main subject, while the expansive sky acts as the negative space, conveying a sense of vastness.
  2. Subject in a Doorway or Window: Position your subject in a doorway or window frame, focusing on the subject while utilizing the surrounding frame as the negative space.
  3. Backlit Portraits: Take a portrait where the subject is backlit, creating a silhouette. The subject becomes the positive space, while the brighter background becomes the negative space, adding depth and drama.
  4. Shadow Play: Capture shadows cast by objects on a plain surface. The shadow becomes the focal point while the unlit area serves as the negative space, creating an intriguing and minimalistic effect.

Photographers using Negative Space

List of possible outdoor shoots

Remember, the key to both minimalism and negative space in photography is to simplify your composition while still effectively conveying the intended message or feeling. These techniques can lead to powerful and visually appealing photographs.

Test yourself below, which images are Negative space, Minimalism, or none of the above?