Color Theory and Beyond Resources



“The Photographer’s Eye” by Michael Freeman: This book delves into the science of how and why we see the way we do and uses this knowledge to offer advice on how to capture better photos.

Color Confidence: The Digital Photographer’s Guide to Color Management by Tim Grey: A comprehensive guide on color management, crucial for photographers who want consistent and accurate colors in their photos.

Understanding Color in Photography by Bryan Peterson: This book uses clear instructions and vivid examples to teach how color, light, and composition can be used to create stunning photographs.

Online Courses & Tutorials:

Coursera’s “Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR: A series of courses that cover everything from basic composition to advanced techniques.

Phlearn: Offers various tutorials, many of them free, focusing on both photography and post-processing using software like Photoshop.

Websites & Blogs:

DPReview: Renowned for its camera reviews, it also offers numerous tutorials, articles, and a community forum for photographers.

Petapixel: A great source for news in the photography world, as well as tutorials, op-eds, and personal experiences from photographers.

Fstoppers: Contains articles, tutorials, and community photos to inspire and educate.

YouTube Channels:

Tony & Chelsea Northrup: They provide camera reviews, tutorials, and photography challenges.

The Art of Photography: Hosted by Ted Forbes, this channel discusses the history of photography, techniques, and provides critiques.

PIXimperfect: A valuable resource for those looking to learn post-processing, especially Photoshop techniques.


Adobe Color CC: Helps users create and explore color schemes. Useful for understanding color relationships and harmonies.

Remember, as with all things, continuous practice and active engagement with the material and your camera will lead to the most growth. It’s beneficial for photographers to actively seek feedback and critiques, be it through online communities, local clubs, or from mentors and peers.

Color Wheels

Here are some websites with color wheels that you might find useful:

  1. Adobe Color CC (formerly Kuler):
    • Website:
    • Features: Allows users to create color schemes with the color wheel, extract gradients from images, and access a wide variety of predefined color combinations.
  2. Paletton:
    • Website:
    • Features: A color scheme designer tool that offers various color harmonies based on the selected base color.
  3. Color Wheel Pro:
    • Website:
    • Features: Offers color theory in action, allowing users to see the visual difference between different color combinations.
  4. Sessions College Color Calculator:
    • Website:
    • Features: Helps users explore interactive color harmonies.
  5. Canva Color Wheel:
    • Website:
    • Features: A simple and user-friendly color wheel that also provides the option to generate color palettes from images.
  6. Colormind:
    • Website:
    • Features: A color palette generator that can extract palettes from images and movies or generate them based on trending palettes.

These are just a few examples, and there are many other color tools available online.