July My Roadtrip Through the Lens Challenge

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It is summer and time for a Roadtrip! Make a plan your next trip to be a photography adventure and capture the moments and memories with your camera.

In this challenge, you will explore and try new things, look at scenery differently, and find awesome views while traveling on the open road.

The goal of this challenge is to use your photographs to tell a story. Your photos will show all viewers the fun, interesting, and memorable times of your roadtrip.

Weekly Topic

Challenge Topics

Week 1 – Movement Challenge

Bonus – Moving to Manual

Here are some questions to ask yourself while you get ready for your roadtrip:

  1. What around me is moving or might move?
  2. How can I show action in my photographs?
  3. Are people playing that involve movement?
  4. Do you see any animals or birds in motion that I can photograph?
  5. How can I capture moving water, like a river or waves?
  6. Are there cars or bicycles I can photograph as they move?
  7. Look for objects affected by wind, like flags or leaves.
  8. Can I do anything to make the subjects in my photographs look like they are moving?
  9. Are there any sports happening nearby that I can photograph?
  10. How can I experiment with different angles to show movement in a different way?

Week 2 – My Roadtrip “Highlights” Challenge

Did you know there are two different types of highlights you can look for on your road trip?

Let me explain them in a simple and exciting way!

  1. Natural highlights: These are the incredible things that Mother Nature creates. They can be mountains, waterfalls, or forests. Imagine capturing the beauty of a colorful sunset or a field full of blooming flowers. These natural highlights remind us of the magic in world around us.
  2. Man-made highlights: These highlights are the things that people create. They can be buildings, historic landmarks, or unique sculptures. Picture capturing the grandeur of a towering skyscraper or the charm of a small-town square. These man-made highlights show us the creativity and ingenuity of humans.

Both types of highlights are special and exciting in their own way. Natural highlights remind us of the incredible beauty of our planet, while man-made highlights showcase the incredible things people can create.

Coming up: Starting on July 19th

Week 3 – My Roadtrip “Food” Challenge

Are you ready to taste your way through this weeks challenge?

Here are few things to keep in mind as you begin to work week 3’s challenge:

  1. Capture happy moments with friends and family.
  2. Photograph everyone’s favorite food during the road trip.
  3. Take pictures of the whole group with their food or a selfie if you are alone.
  4. Combine food photos with beautiful landscapes.
  5. Encourage everyone to try new foods and capture their reactions.
  6. Don’t worry about messes! Messy eaters make great photos.
  7. Don’t forget to add short captions about the food and fun times.
  8. Document cooking or setting up a picnic.
  9. Take funny photos with food as props (e.g., a carrot as a nose).
  10. Most importantly, have fun and be creative!


Week 4 – My Roadtrip “Play” Challenge (July 26,2023)

It is time to shake things up with some FUN this week.

Be creative, spontaneous, and playful. Look for thing that make you smile.

Photograph ideas to think about:

  1. Joyful: Kids or pets running around in a park, playing a game of tag.
  2. Sandcastles or Mud pies: Children building sandcastles at the beach or playing in the mud after a rain.
  3. Picnic Play: A family or friends having a picnic? Look for people playing charades or tossing a frisbee or corn hole.
  4. Imaginary: Pretend to be on an adventure – exploring a jungle or desert or any place that you would like to visit be can’t. Make it a scavenger hunt, pick a theme and head out with camera in hand.
  5. Playful Art: Look for things like drawing with sidewalk chalk or painting on easels outdoors.

Remember to capture the moments of playfulness. With the right combination of natural lighting, composition, and playful subjects, your photos will depict the story of good times with play.


Each week upload your images to the Facebook group. Join our weekly meeting to discuss the images and techniques you used to create the images.