Movement Challenge

These examples should give you a good starting point to observe and capture different elements of movement during their road trip.

Be creative and experiment with different subjects and techniques to convey a sense of motion in your photographs.

  1. Passing Cars: Capture the blur of cars zooming by on the highway or local roads.
  2. Swirling Leaves: Take photos of leaves or dirt caught in a gust of wind.
  3. Flowing Rivers or Waterfalls: Photograph the movement of water as it cascades down a waterfall or flows swiftly in a river.
  4. Flying Birds: Capture birds soaring through the sky.
  5. Rolling Waves: Take pictures of waves crashing onto the shore or rolling in the distance.
  6. Playful Activities: Photograph friends or family engaged in active play during rest stops, such as running, jumping, or playing catch.
  7. Windy Weather: Capture the movement of flags or windblown hair.
  8. Moving Ferris Wheel or Carousel: Photograph amusement park rides in motion.
  9. Sports or Games: If there are sports activities or games happening nearby, capture the players in action.
  10. Moving Trains or Bicycles: Take pictures of trains or bicycles passing by.