My Roadtrip “Highlights” Challenge

Here’s a list of highlights to look for on your roadtrip:

  1. Find interesting structures: Look for buildings, landmarks, bridges, or any human-made objects that catch your attention.
  2. Get a good view: Position yourself where you can see the entire structure or focus on specific details that stand out to you.
  3. Frame your shot: Use your camera or smartphone to frame the structure within the viewfinder. Experiment with different angles and perspectives.
  4. Pay attention to lighting: Make sure the lighting enhances the highlights. Avoid harsh shadows or overexposure. Adjust your position or the time of day if needed.
  5. Capture the details: Zoom in or get closer to capture interesting architectural elements, textures, patterns, or decorations.
  6. Include surroundings: Take wider shots to include the surrounding environment, showing how the man-made highlight fits into the bigger picture.
  7. Experiment with composition: Try different compositional techniques like the rule of thirds, leading lines, or symmetry to make your photos visually appealing.
  8. Consider people: Including people in your photos can provide a sense of scale and add life to the man-made highlights. Capture individuals interacting with the structure if possible.
  9. Edit if desired: Use simple editing tools to adjust brightness, contrast, or color to enhance the visual impact of your photos.
  10. Have fun and be creative: Don’t be afraid to try new things, explore different perspectives, and enjoy the process of capturing man-made highlights in your own unique way.


The following is a list of ideas of things to look for while you are on the hunt for highlights:


  1. Colorful flowers: Look for vibrant flowers in gardens, parks, or even along the roadside. Capture their bright colors and unique shapes.
  2. Shiny objects: Find objects that reflect light, such as a shiny car, a polished mirror, or a glittering piece of jewelry. Capture the sparkle and reflections.
  3. Funny signs: Keep an eye out for signs with funny messages or illustrations, like a sign for a silly shop or a creative road sign. Capture the humor and creativity.
  4. Beautiful sunsets: Watch the sky as the sun starts to set. Capture the changing colors, from warm oranges to soft pinks and purples.
  5. Adorable pets: If you come across cute animals or pets during your road trip, take their pictures. Capture their funny expressions or playful moments.
  6. Delicious treats: When you stop for a snack or a treat, capture the colorful ice cream, cupcakes, or other yummy goodies you find. Make sure to take the picture before you eat it!
  7. Funny-shaped clouds: Look up at the sky and find clouds that resemble shapes or animals. Capture the imagination and share what you see.
  8. Interesting rocks or shells: When you visit a beach or a park, search for rocks or shells that have unique colors, patterns, or textures. Capture their beauty up close.
  9. Silly selfies: Take pictures of yourself and your friends making silly faces or posing in funny ways. Capture the joy and laughter of your road trip.
  10. Artistic doodles: Draw or create your own art on a piece of paper or sidewalk with colorful chalk. Capture your artistic masterpiece before it fades away.

Remember, these are just a starting point, and there may be many other highlights you come across during your roadtrip.