My Roadtrip “Food” Challenge

Composition Theme: Food

Challenge 1: Capture taste and smell of your Roadtrip food



Create a delicious looking image or a series of images using some of the following suggestions (I am using tacos as my subject):

  1. Focus on Details: Get up close and personal with the tacos. Focus on the textures of the tortillas, the grill marks on the meat, and the colorful toppings.
  2. Capture the Layers: If the tacos have multiple layers of ingredients, highlight each ingredient. This can create a sense of depth and make the tacos look more enticing.
  3. Play with Colors: Colors like green cilantro, red salsa, and yellow cheese can make the image visually appealing.
  4. Create Depth of Field: Use a shallow depth of field to blur the background slightly.
  5. Include Hands: Have someone hold the taco in their hands or take a bite. This makes the photo more real and tempting.
  6. Add Props: Add props to the shot, like a bottle of hot sauce, a lime wedge, or a soda bottle.
  7. Show the Sizzle: If the tacos are served hot, try capturing the steam rising. Steam can visually imply a aroma and freshness.
  8. Natural Lighting: Whenever possible, use natural lighting to capture the tacos. It enhances the colors and textures, making the image more deliciously tempting.
  9. Unique Angle: Try different angles to find the most flattering and creative perspective. Shoot from slightly above or from a 45-degree angle, this can make the tacos look more appealing.
  10. Take a Bite: Take a photo of a partially eaten taco or a taco with a bite out of it.

Challenge 2: Good times with food



Create a series of photographs (minimum of 5) to tell the story of good times with food. Use the following suggestions to create your story:

  1. No Fancy Equipment: using whatever cameras or smartphones you have readily available.
  2. Food and People: The main subject of the photograph must include both food and people (or parts of people, like hands, legs, feet, etc.).
  3. Captions with Stories: Each photograph must include a short caption or story that explains the moment.
  4. Natural Lighting: Use natural lighting to create warm and inviting images that reflect the feeling of the gathering.
  5. Composition and Detail: Pay attention to composition, framing, and details. Look for colors, textures, and patterns of the food, don’t forget to watch for expressions and gestures as the people interact.

The goal of this challenge is to show how food can be a source of joy, community, and celebration.

Remember to have fun and be creative with your photography challenge! Upload your images to the Facebook group or email them to me at