June – My Neighborhood Through the Lens Challenge

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Capture the essence and beauty of your neighborhood through the art of photography.

In this challenge, you have the opportunity to explore the unique aspects, diverse characters, and hidden gems of your local neighborhood.

Through your lens, showcase the rich daily life, landmarks, and the spirit that defines your neighborhood.

Objective: The objective of this photography Challenge is to provide a visual narrative of your neighborhood, allowing viewers to gain insights into the vibrant fabric of the community.

Your photographs should evoke a sense of connection, belonging, and discovery, highlighting both the ordinary and extraordinary elements that make your neighborhood special.


  1. Perspective: Experiment with different perspectives to offer fresh and intriguing viewpoints. Explore angles, lines, and composition techniques to add depth and visual interest to your images.
  2. Diversity: Capture the diverse aspects of your neighborhood, including its architecture, residents, cultural events, traditions, and natural surroundings. Embrace the richness of the community’s history, traditions, and the stories of the people who inhabit it.
  3. Detail-oriented: Pay attention to small details that might often go unnoticed. Focus on the unique characteristics, textures, colors, and patterns that contribute to the charm and identity of your neighborhood.
  4. Human connections: Showcase the interactions between people, reflecting the warmth, camaraderie, and daily routines that shape the community. Document moments of joy, collaboration, or contemplation that illustrate the human experience within the neighborhood.
  5. Light and atmosphere: Experiment with natural light, different times of the day, and weather conditions to create mood and atmosphere. Utilize light and shadows to add drama and evoke emotions in your photographs.
  6. Storytelling: Aim to tell a story or convey a narrative through your series of photographs. Explore themes such as community resilience, cultural heritage, traditions, or the changing dynamics of your neighborhood.
  7. Creativity: Don’t be afraid to experiment with your photographic style and techniques. Use color, black and white, or other creative effects to enhance the visual impact and evoke a specific mood.

Weekly Topic

Each week upload your images to the Facebook group. Join our weekly meeting to discuss the images and techniques you used to create the images.

Week 1: Home Sweet Home – Composition Theme: Patterns (Follow the Patterns link for this weeks Challenge).

  • Begin by capturing the essence of your immediate surroundings.
  • Focus on your own home and immediate neighborhood.
  • Document the exterior and interior of your house by capturing the little details and personal touches that make it unique.

Example: Try to capture a close-up of a pattern in your rug or carpet. Get low with your camera try an angle that will highlight the texture and patterns. Play with different angles and perspectives finding the most interesting composition that show-off the details.

Week 2: Streets and Sidewalks – Composition Theme: Pictures in the Mirror

  • Shift your focus to the streets and sidewalks around your home.
  • Explore the textures, lines, and patterns created by the pavement, street signs, and nearby buildings.
  • Capture the sense of movement and daily life that happens on the streets.

Example: Find a puddle on the street and take a picture of the cars and buildings that you see reflected in the water.

Week 3: Hidden Gems and Details – Composition Theme: Symmetry and Balance

  • Venture a bit farther from your home to discover hidden gems and details in your neighborhood.
  • Look for small parks, hidden alleys, or intriguing architectural elements.
  • Pay attention to the small details that often go unnoticed, such as intricate doorways, colorful street art, or charming garden nooks.

Example: Take a picture of a row of trees along a path or street in your neighborhood. Position yourself so that the trees line up evenly and symmetrically when you look through your camera, also, try with the path or street in the center of your frame.

Week 4: Changing Seasons – Composition Theme: Color Contrast

  • Embrace the beauty of the changing seasons in your neighborhood.
  • Capture the foliage, blossoms, or falling leaves, depending on the current season.
  • Focus on the colors, textures, and atmosphere that reflect the unique character of each season.

Example: Find a patch of grass with lush green leaves as your background. Look for flowers with contrasting colors, such as bright red, yellow, or purple. Position yourself so that the flowers stand out against the green backdrop.

Deliverables: Submit by email or upload to Meetup or Facebook a series of 3 to 5 photographs weekly that collectively capture the essence of your neighborhood. Include a brief description or captions for each photograph, explaining the significance or story behind them. Remember, this Challenge is an opportunity for you to show us your unique perspective of the place you call home.

So, grab your camera, immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and stories of your neighborhood, and bring its captivating essence to life through your photographs focusing on your immediate surroundings and taking a closer look at the details, you’ll be able to create a visual narrative that tells the story of your neighborhood from the perspective of your home.

Remember to experiment with different compositions, lighting conditions, and creative techniques to add variety and depth to your photographs.