Symmetry and Balance

My Neighborhood – Composition Theme: Symmetry and Balance

  • Symmetry – Symmetry is when something looks the same on both sides or has a balanced arrangement.
  • Balance – Balance in photography refers to arranging elements within a photo in a way that creates a sense of visual equilibrium and harmony. It involves distributing visual weight evenly and considering how different elements interact to create a pleasing composition.

Challenge 1: Symmetry Hunt in My Neighborhood



Create images that demonstrate symmetry. The following are suggestions to get you started.

  1. Buildings: Look for architectural features like windows, doors, or facades that exhibit symmetrical designs.
  2. Bridges: Capture the symmetrical structure of a bridge, with its arches, railings, or supports.
  3. Trees: Focus on trees with branches that spread out symmetrically on either side, creating a balanced canopy.
  4. Gardens: Look for flower beds or hedges that are arranged symmetrically, with similar plants or shapes on each side.
  5. Fences: Find fences with symmetrical patterns or pickets, creating a visually pleasing repetition.
  6. Reflections: Seek out puddles or bodies of water that create mirrored reflections, doubling the symmetry of the scene.
  7. Staircases: Photograph staircases that have a symmetrical layout, such as those with equal steps or banisters on both sides.
  8. Streetlights: Capture the symmetry of streetlights lining the road, especially when they have matching designs or spacing.
  9. Patterns on the Ground: Look for symmetrical patterns, like tiles, bricks, or pavement, that repeat and create a sense of balance.
  10. Public Art: Explore sculptures or installations in your neighborhood that exhibit symmetrical shapes or patterns.

Challenge 2: Find things with both symmetry and balance



Create images that demonstrate symmetry and balance. The following are suggestions to get you started.

  1. Gardens or Flowerbeds: Look for flower arrangements or garden designs that have symmetrical patterns and a sense of balance in the distribution of plants and colors.
  2. Parks or Playgrounds: Capture symmetrical elements in playground equipment, such as swings, slides, or seesaws, that are evenly balanced on either side.
  3. Bridges: Photograph bridges that display symmetrical arches or support structures, conveying a sense of balance in their design.
  4. Fountains: Seek out fountains with symmetrical water jets or sculptures that are symmetrically arranged, creating a harmonious visual balance.
  5. Architectural Structures: Capture buildings or structures with balanced and symmetrical facades, featuring identical elements on both sides.
  6. Pathways: Photograph walkways or paths that lead through your neighborhood and exhibit symmetrical designs or patterns, such as evenly spaced tiles or bricks.
  7. Reflections: Look for reflective surfaces, like ponds or lakes, that showcase symmetrical reflections and create a balanced composition.
  8. Staircases: Seek out staircases with a balanced and symmetrical layout, with equal steps, handrails, or matching patterns on both sides.
  9. Statues or Sculptures: Explore sculptures or statues that are symmetrically designed, with equal proportions and elements on each side.
  10. Trees: Capture trees with branches that extend symmetrically on either side, creating a sense of balance and visual harmony.

Remember to have fun and be creative with your photography challenge! Upload your images to the Facebook group or email them to me at