September – Week 4: Harvest Feast (Sept 27 – Oct 3)

This week is our last week for our September Challenges. We are going to have some creative fun with this one. I want you to use out of the box thinking and I have given you some ideas with each description.

Theme: Nature’s Dining Table

Challenge Description:
This week, let’s take our food outdoors! Snap a picture of any food or drink that screams “harvest” to you. It could be as simple as a cup of apple cider sitting on your porch railing, a basket of freshly picked apples, or even a sandwich enjoyed during a nature hike.


  1. Natural Light is Key: Try to take your photo in the early morning or late afternoon when the light is soft. This will make your food look even more delicious. Imagine the sun casting a warm glow on a bowl of pumpkin soup!
  2. Think About Your Background: Use what’s around you to make the photo more interesting. A colorful tree, a field of grass, or even a rustic fence can add a lot to your picture.
  3. Get Close and Personal: Don’t be shy; get close to your subject to show off the details. Capture the steam rising from a mug of hot chocolate or the seeds in a slice of pumpkin bread.
  4. Tell a Mini-Story: Every photo has a story. Maybe those apples in the photo were picked from your own tree, or that slice of pie is the first one you ever baked. Use small details like leaves or a harvest basket to add to your photo’s story.
  5. A Little Editing Goes a Long Way: Feel free to brighten up your photo or make the colors pop a bit. Just keep it looking natural.

How to Share Your Photos:
Post your pictures and tell us what you’re showing us and why. And don’t forget to check out and comment on other people’s photos!

Extra Tip for Beginners:
If the sun is too bright and causing harsh shadows, try using a piece of white paper, a cloth or the translucent part of a 5 in 1 reflector to soften the light. It’s a simple trick that can make a big difference!

So grab your camera or phone, head outside, and let’s see what delicious harvest moments you can capture! 📸🍎🍂🥪