September – My Harvest Through the Lens Challenge

🍂 Hello & Welcome to the September Harvest Challenge! 🍂

September’s here! Ready, set, snap! Whether you’re a photo ninja or just kicking off, join us and let’s capture September’s harvest with our clicks. Let’s celebrate the season’s bounty in style. Dive into the colors, textures, patterns, and shadows as we highlight the abundance of the season.

Each week there will be a link to the details of the challenge.

General Tips for All Challenges:

  • Patience: Wait for the right moment, especially if you’re looking for natural reactions or specific lighting.
  • Explore Angles: Don’t just shoot from eye level. Try different angles to find the most interesting shot.
  • Review & Learn: After shooting, review your photos. See what works and what doesn’t to improve in the next challenge.
  • Enjoy & Share: Most importantly, have fun and share your images with others. This can be a great way to get feedback and see different interpretations of the same challenge.

Weekly Challenges

Week 1: The First Fruit of Harvest

Begin with the very start of the harvest process. Capture an image that signifies the beginning. This could be a freshly picked fruit, the morning dew on a crop, or even seeds ready for planting. Think about what the start of harvest means to you.

Week 2: Hands of Harvest

Now, it’s time to focus on the people or tools behind the harvest. Take a picture of hands holding freshly harvested produce, a farmer at work, or tools of the trade like a basket full of crops or garden tools.

Week 3: Harvest at Golden Hour

There’s something magical about the golden hour – it’s the time shortly after sunrise or just before sunset. Use this lovely light to capture the harvest. It could be the golden hue on a pumpkin patch, the silhouette of a farmer against a setting sun, or the glow through the leaves of a tree.

Week 4: Harvest Feast

The culmination of harvest is when we get to enjoy the produce. Capture an image of a meal, snack, or drink made from harvested ingredients. It could be as simple as an apple pie, a fresh juice, or a grand dinner table spread.


Remember to add a hashtag to your images: #SeptemberHarvestChallenge 📷🍁🍎 Also, if you are calling into Zoom and not joining from the above link, you need to go to our meeting page for the information you will need.

Good luck and happy shooting! 📷🍂