Composition – Fill the Frame

Fill the FRAME

Filling the frame means filling the entire space of your photograph with your subject, leaving little or no empty space. 

It’s a great way to create a bold and impactful image that draws the viewer’s attention straight to your subject.

Looking to Fill the Frame:

  1. Move closer to your subject. Physically move your bodyUse a zoom lens
  2. Experiment with different angles.low angle to capture the texture of the groundhigh angles to capture the shapes and patterns of the trees. 
  3. Subject placementSubject off centerNegative space
  4. Blur your backgroundOnly have your subject in focus 


  • Keep an eye out for details that can be used as the main subject in your photo. It can be the texture of the tree bark, the veins in a leaf or a flower bud.
  • Look for good light. Light will help to highlight your subject, bring out the details, and textures.

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