Reno’s Annual Lavender and Honey Festival

Join Us at the Lavender and Honey Festival: Exploring Event Photography and Visual Storytelling

I am so excited and ready to have fun and teach about storytelling at the Lavender and Honey Festival. The event is at the picturesque Idlewild Park on Sunday, July 9th. Our Inspiring Photographers group is organizing a special PhotoWalk dedicated to learning and practicing event photography. Together, we will dive into telling visual stories, and exploring the Lavender and Honey Festival.

Event photography allows us to capture the essence, emotions, and atmosphere of a festival. During our Inspiring Photographers – Learning PhotoWalk, we will attend the Lavender and Honey Festival, practicing skills in event photography and tell fun visual stories through our lenses.

We will focus on visual storytelling. Each photograph tells a story or evoke emotions, helping viewers to experience the festival.

As we navigate through the festival, you might just catch a glimpse of our group of photographers. With cameras in hand, we will be exploring the crowd, searching for captivating moments and intriguing subjects to weave into our visual stories. Don’t hesitate to say hello if you spot us—we would love to share our enthusiasm for photography and the festival with you.


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