October Challenges

Welcome to October!

This is our virtual weekly challenges.

We do have two things going on this month. We have our Daily Photo Challenge and this our – Virtual Weekly Challenges.

Week 1 – Silhouettes and Shadows

  • Skill: light and shadow

Tip: Use the low-angle autumn sun to create dramatic silhouettes or long shadows. This can add a mysterious or whimsical touch to your photo

Week 2 – Textures and Patterns

  • Skill: Composition

Tip: Capture the textures of fallen leaves, tree barks, or even pumpkin surfaces.

Week 3 – Capturing Fall Colors

  • Skill: Understanding color theory

Tip: Use the vibrant fall foliage as a backdrop or subject. Experiment with contrasting colors like red leaves against a blue sky.

Week 4 – Close-up Photography

  • Skill: Close-up shots

Tip: Get up close and personal with dewdrops on leaves, the intricate patterns of a leaf, or the details of a pumpkin.

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