New Monthly Format – Finding Our Way

Introducing the New Monthly Challenge Page Format!

Hey all!

I am all about making things easier for you. As many of you know, I’ve been running the Monthly Virtual Photo Challenge for a while now. The feedback has been phenomenal, however, some of you mentioned the difficulty of navigating to the challenges, especially if you’re trying to find a specific week or resource.

Why the Change?

To hopefully fix this, I am excited to announce a new format! 🎉 From now on, our Monthly Virtual Photo page will be posted as a blog post. This shift will not only streamline the design but also make it simpler for everyone to find what they’re looking for. The most recent blog post is always first on the Home Page.

What to Expect on the New Monthly Virtual Photo Challenge Blog Post?

  1. Monthly: One new blog post for each month containing everything you need for the month.
  2. Weekly Challenges: Each blog post will feature links to every week’s challenges. No more endless scrolling, page hopping, or missing out on a challenge!
  3. Resource Links: I understand that sometimes you need a bit of help or inspiration to tackle a challenge. Alongside each weekly challenge, you’ll find links to resources that will help you. This might include tutorials, articles, or even inspirational pieces that match with the theme.
  4. Easy Navigation: The new blog format will come with a table of contents, so you can quickly jump to the week or resource you’re interested in.
  5. Community Feedback: I am always happy to hear from you! With the blog post format, commenting will be much more streamlined. Share your thoughts, progress, or even suggestions for future challenges.
  6. Accessibility: My aim is to make the Monthly Virtual Photo Challenge information accessible for everyone.

Final Thoughts

Your feedback has been invaluable to me. It’s what brought this change, and I believe it will enhance everyone’s experience. As always, I am open to feedback on the new format. Feel free to reach out with your thoughts, and I will do my best to continuously improve.

Stay challenged and keep creating!

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